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Happy and Proud Memorial Day

Posted by James Jett on May 26, 2008

My “Michelle Obama moment” came Wednesday, May 15, 2008, when my son came out to East Orange VA Medical Center as the doctors examine my eyes, now that the VA has found my medical records my claim is reopened for bilateral eye injury while serving in combat. My son came two hours late because the baby sitter came late after taking her dog to the doctor! (The dog to her was more important than my eyes, it seemed. My older son is a veteran, but not so with my younger son, out of high school, to MIT, a master in Chemical Engineering, Worked as an Engineer and enrolls in Harvard, I call it, “the den of sins” and received a degree as an Investment Bankers. Therefore, all he knows about the military is what I and his brother told him and what he saw on television.

Once he got to the eleventh floor he called me on the phone out in the hallway because that place is so large you could turn corners all day and not find the person you are looking for although you pass the room each time. I answer my phone because the doctor was out off the room consultant with another doctor that would come over with him to take a look at my eyes and give his advice. On the phone I said to my son I will step out in the hallway the doctor is across the hall. Just as I step out the door and turned to look for him he was only five paces away. He looks at me with a smile and said “Dad, doesn’t it make you so proud to see all theVeterans as you enter the building?” You know my first though at that time? This boy knows what the world is made off and why it functions so well at times!

After the doctors completed my eye examination, I went to my car and put on a pair of very dark plastic glasses (you have seen them) with paper tempers. I got them from the VA in Ohio when they required me to go and get my eyes examined to determine if my problem is combat related, fifty four years later. In Brecksville OH VA Center, the doctor told me “what we have to do know is try and make sure your good eye is saved.” Now I am back in Ohio to get the private doctors reports that the VA failed to apply for when I submitted my claim in 2006. With this experience I can tell you again write your Congressman and tell them to pass a law that requires the VA to tell the veterans the benefits he or she can receive. All veterans should know what they are qualified for the same day they receive a Discharge. If you don’t want the benefits at that time you are not required to take them, but at least you know your status.

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