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Correcting Errors, Getting Records, Will it Improve? WHEN?

Posted by James Jett on January 25, 2010

If you applied for benefits or service from the Veterans Administration anytime in the pass and you are still waiting, for the next second fill good about it, because you are a Veteran, treated like all the rest of us. Just to cover one person, I have two Honorable Discharges and volunteered for combat with the 187th Airborne, in the Korean War, yet for the last five years, the VA (Veterans Administrations) has sometime treated me like a dog. In fact, when I discuss with my associates, the treatment veterans receive, compare  it with animals, there is more restriction and delays in treating veterans than treating pets. When I look at my personal records, the only branch I give an A+, to, is all the nurses and doctors in the examination and  treatment process.  And yes, I include all the supporting staff involved in the treatment process. Why such high rating? When I receive yeoman treatment, I am not afraid to report it!
When I took my stress test ordered by my private doctor, the doctor overseeing the test told me he had given a couple of the Cleveland Brown players the same test. About two years later I took my stress test at the VA Medical Center. Both, the private and the VA Test show that I am in good health.
Where I have suffered, and I do mean suffered, is getting my records, and application for benefits being delayed or denied because I cannot get my  records, both personal and medical. More than fifty years ago I asked for my medical records and  they told me, they didn’t exist. About two years ago someone working on my claim read from a copy of my Army Medical Records. I applied for a copy and receive a form to fill out that would help in conducting a search for my Army Medical Records. I ask for my Navel Reserve records received them in two weeks. Now I have a medical record that proves I had no problem with my eyes when I enlisted in the Army Airborne and served three years and four days.
As I lived my life, seeing  my doctors and using the hospital when needed, things begin to go wrong. Someone, or some group or team of persons has decided to ether do me harm or cost me money by making sure I do not receive my benefits.
Examples, I had to pay $500. for three nights’ stay in the hospital because someone changed my records or send in incorrect information to Atlanta, GA. Before I could get that corrected, someone changed or deleted information from my records, that showed that I had served in the Naval Reserve two years, and the Army three years including combat in the Korean War. All this information on a copy of my DD-214 that everyone must send before they can receive treatment at a VA hospital.
When I reported for my follow-up, after my stay in the hospital, they told me I was not eligible to receive treatment at that hospital. I immediately went to the Eligibility Officer’s office and she told me to talk with Patient Representative. At the Stokes VA Medical Center, everyone including the Veteran Organizations told me that this woman is the Apex, and knows what a veteran should do to get medical service they need. Next, I went to see a Patient Representative and immediately, he started the process to get my files back in the systems. Twice, I have met with a Patient Representative and they prove that they are ready to help a veteran. My hospital medical records have been restored, and again, I can go to a VA medical facility any place in the world and receive treatment for my health needs.

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Business Goals and VA Form 21-526

Posted by James Jett on June 20, 2007

All month long I have been involved in a debate about how I should proceed, some tried to get me to do a public relation thing —TV talk-show radio and public appearances. Being a semi private person I refused and prevailed. My argument , and they all agree, is we need to have a national present on the internet, in fact an international present on the internet. Some in a group of fifteen feel that I would be better at the public relations via the old media and some one else could build a present on the internet. Sure , many people can do more with a computer and software programs than I can but I have the knowledge and experience in the social, civil and business goals we plan to put in place. Add to that my total like of fear, and my freedom that will make an “Eagle jealous”. I am sure many of you know the subjects that get discussed when you are planning a social, civil and business agenda. Yes it is about the veterans and the need for some of them to consider starting a business or expanding their present business so more of us can find employment, earn an income and take care of our self and our family. One promise, I will discuss this topic in the future so many times until some will be saying it when they are asleep.
But now I need to update you on the progress I am making with the VA (Veteran Administration) and hopefully staying on schedule to be in business by years end. To that end, I completed VA form 21-526, this is the form you fill out to apply for Compensation and or Pension. I need to apply because my records were destroyed in the 1976 fire and my medical records in the hospital in Korea is missing or destroyed also. Theyfore anytime I can give information about my service in the military I fulfill the VA’s request to send any and all information I have to replace my military history. Like most people I have filled out many forms in this long life on earth, but to me this is the most difficult because I was asked to go back in my medical history including the name and address for all the doctors, hospitals plus any other place I received medical care, and tell them every treatment I received, and sign the permission sheet giving them the right to get that information about my pass medical problems. Since I plan to discuss this form and its requirements in a future post let me tell you why I spent a week filling out the complete form, all by myself no help from the VA.

Yes you can go to the nearest VA office and they will help you fill out the form. Just check all the things you need on the checklist and get you to the VA office nearest you! But my reason is more business than benefits, if I can establish that my injury on the front lines in Korea is the cause of my problems with my eyes, nose and legs I will be classified as a veteran with a disability, meaning I will be fast tracked when I get my company started. Please read my notes With this designation I will get help in securing a contract with the federal and state governments. And without the need to locate in a HUB ( Historically Underutilized Business) zone.

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WordPress on BlueHost: What’s Next?

Posted by James Jett on June 10, 2007

Finally installed WordPress on BlueHost and immediately started to looking at the possibility that I can use wordpress as my home page for Blogs, leaving this blog in place just change the name. With a few more posts this blog will only require updates and business news about veteran and small businesses. Since this effort is not to earn money but to inform the Veterans about the many opportunities and benefits that can be easily over looked.

For nearly a month I have been reading discussing and considering what we can do then use the best procedure to do it. Always aware that many States, Counties and Cities have fail to maximize their efforts to aid the veteran and his dependents. My e-mail reports that the state of Ohio rank 43 among the other states for veteran using the services. If true this mean millions of dollars are denied to veterans living in Ohio. We talk about the same subjects that have been discussed for many years, why so many scholarships, job opportunities and family benefits go unclaimed by the men and women discharged honorably from the military? In many cases the Vets returns home and fail to contact the VA (Veteran Administration) and other local government organizations.

Here I will focus on small businesses, benefits and burial yet always include other opportunities to advance and prosper. Education, job skills and training come high on the list of things that will enable a life of success not failure. To these ends, I will continue to list facts about business, benefits and services plus where and how to apply for them.

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Review, Update and evaluate

Posted by James Jett on May 23, 2007

The Korean President Unit Citation is the only medal I have not applied for and will have to find out where to apply and who will issue the medal? Also the post about grave markers, I did not apply for a grave marker because I have no need for it at this time. But I did apply to be buried in a Nation Cemetery, Both my wife and I will be buried in a National Cemetery. Everything else posted has been done or I am in the process. I wanted to review all the information, posted in this Blog to make sure you can use it to apply for those benefits that the Government provides.

This is my second review of this Blog to determine its accuracy. To date, all the VA departments I have contacted have been very helpful and do spend the time working with me so I can achieve the results I am aiming for. The only thing pending that is yet a concern, is my medical records that will show that Capt. Miller ( Doc Miller) did evacuate me from the front line to the hospital and I returned to the front and remained until we rotated by to Camp Chickamauga in Beppu, Japan. The effort here is to get my medical records restored and get the full benefits due me because I received my eye injure while in combat. For my medical care I use the Louis Stokes Medical Center, one of the best Medical Center in the Country (my opinion). Every medical care I require is provided but dental—I need to prove that my eye injury, is from an injury received while in combat. Fine my medical records. And You will find the answer: the letter from VA (Veteran Administration) last week said they are looking in various locations for information, and stated it is their responsibility, my responsibility is to complete VA Form 21-526, which I hope to mail this week to the VA. This is the benefit I need because without a combat related injury I will not receive my dental care at the center or they will provide it and charge you both arms and legs according to the information I received. If we fail to find the records and my appeal is denied it is still the best deal for me because I travel and my card gets me into any emergency hospital room or clinic anyplace in the world where the governments provide medical benefits for veterans.

Being a veteran and using the benefits available to you because you serviced your country in a special way when you agreed to fight any enemy that is a threat to this Nation. And the government agreed to provide these benefits: medical, economic and education. When the federal agencies want to, they can provide good programs that help the targeted group and impact the entire country. You can have both, your paid health program and the plan you qualify for as a veteran. The Feds will bill your private insurance for the service according to your Priority Class. For instance, I keep my medicare so I can visit a private doctor if and when I wish to. My medicine is shipped to me, when I am out-of-town for a month (or two) they need the address to ship to and approximately my returning date. Yes, I use the Government plans to save money, for convenience and flexibility.

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Moving Soon

Posted by James Jett on May 16, 2007

Last week my computer’s monitor faded to black, getting smaller by one third every time it decreased in size. I just started with a clean Hard drive and reloaded the back-up files. This left me with more space on the C drive because I had files that are best stored elsewhere and many file that’s just waiting to be deleted. Once I got my clean and well-organized computer up and running I had to spend time reading about a new host to transfer this Blog to, where it will become a Blog with total concern for Veteran’s businesses, benefits and burial, and all needs for small and expanding businesses.

The plans are to develop an organization that will have the know-how and the concern necessary to act as a bright-light of hope for veterans and their families. We will try to locate every benefit, every service and all the support available to the veterans, and aid them in applying for the service and getting all the help they need from the many programs willing to give the Vet a good start once the military service is completed.

With the veteran’s needs at the front of all our thinking we make every effort to publish by every means possible the service we provide for Veteran including small and expanding businesses. To this end, I will transfer this Blog to a Host maybe Startlogic, Maia Host or Blue Host. I can also install it on my allotted space provided by my ISP and use it (WordPress) as my Home Page. The goal? Make sure I can write a post anywhere in the world and post it to my Blog when I can get on line. Your advice will be appreciated very much, and someone said they will purchase a Blog writer for me then I can publish posts to All my Blog.

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President Unit Citation (Korea)

Posted by James Jett on May 8, 2007

Presidential Unit Citation (Korea)

Presidential Unit Citation (Korea).svg

“The Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation issued by, the government of South Korea to both Korean military and foreign units. The last major issuance of the decoration was during the Korean War the decoration bestowed to several U.S., UK and Commonwealth military units. By order of the Korean government, the award was also retroactively authorized to every unit of the United States Army which had deployed to Korea between 1950 and 1954.”

For people reading these posts for the first time I want to give you a brief history about the reason I started this Blog, and where it will go from here. After the NPRC (National Personnel Records Center) informed me about the fire in 1976 where all my (Army) military records burned in the fire, all my records burned to ashes, nothing left that could be used to prove that I serve in the army of the United States of America. In the letter they asked me to sent anything that would show the posts, in the states, Japan and Korea, and the company I served in and when I served in combat. The concern is for my Army records, my Naval Reserve records is intact and I have received copies for my Personnel Files.

In my effort to gather information I learned how important the various documents are when a veteran apply for benefits or burial! And the key document needed to make application for anything from the VA (Veteran Administration) is your DD214. Next you need to prove that you received an Honorable Discharge from the military, easy enough because I had a copy of my DD214, but was not sure about my Discharge. After rambling though files for the better part of three months I found my Discharge and a record showing that I went to Cuyahoga County in Cleveland and had a copy of my Discharge recorded and put on file for future needs for when a fire or some other disaster. Still missing is the letter from Gen. William Westmoreland and my Jump Masters certificate (the original, not copies of both). My detective work tells me that I left some important papers in a brown briefcase in the trunk of a rental car, turned the car in and never missed the briefcase because I had stop caring a Briefcase to work and just forgot about it in the trunk of the car. The shock to everyone, I mean disbelief, because in this city, indeed in this county we return things or report them to the press so that they get back to the rightful owner. The News Herald news paper made a copy of the article that they published using the letter and the other information I submitted to them after my appointed to do some work that involved the veterans in Lake County. However after over fifteen years they discarded the information I submitted. My search will continue, I believe I will find copies of all my military documents in the next month or prove that I earned them.

As the quoted information from Wikipedia states the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation rewarded retroactively to every unit of the United States Army which had deployed to Korea between 1950 and 1954. Normally you would be authorized to wear a Unit Citation if you are servicing in the unit, when you leave that unit you could not wear it on your uniform unless you served with that unit, when they awarded Citation  . These medals, ribbons, badges and citations tell a lot about the service, the type of unit, plus the locations the military places your unit, and how well your unit completed the mission. Just be aware the decorations you earned mean a lot, especially if you apply for business opportunities, benefits and burial. I am talking to some people employed at the VA that did not serve in the military and some time is not aware of the importance places, decorations, injuries and wounds. A veteran can get classified higher or lower based on service medals received by servicing in the military.

This is the last decorations that is not on your DD214,  any missing, you need to upgrade them or apply for them if you have not received them.

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Korean Service Medal, Ribbon and Letters

Posted by James Jett on April 30, 2007

In 1951 the country of South KROK Korean War Service Medalorea design a medal and ribbon for the service men defending that country from an attach by North Korea and China. The Department of Defence would not approve the medal for the armed forces of the United States. Maybe, because President Truman signed ExecutiveOrder 10179 authorizing the Korean Service Medal, issued by the United State, the Republic Of South Korea had to delay the ROK Korean War Service Medal. So here we are over fifty years later receiving a War Medal for COMBAT. If you qualify for one of these medals, you qualify for both of them. The person serving in Korea can apply, or either; his wife, Parents, Children and Grandchildren are all authorize to receive the Medal. This is a very impressive “thank-you Ribbon and Medal” (above) with a Thank-you letter in both English and Korean.  When I applied for this one I received it in six weeks, the lag time will be longer now as the number of applications increase. So again, send a copy of your DD214 and apply by clicking on ROK Korean Service War Medal and Ribbon in Blogroll.

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Certificate of Recognition and Medal

Posted by James Jett on April 27, 2007

Cold War Medal and Ribbon

By Dr. Frank Tims

“With the Defense Authorization Act of 2002, Congress formally recommended for the first time that the Secretary of Defense consider authorizing the design and award of the Cold War Service Medal. Recognition that is deserved and long overdue. The “Cold War” was not just an ideological struggle, it was a large-scale military campaign to prevent a third world war through deterrence and military deployments. While many characterize the period 1945-1991 as “peacetime,” except for limited wars and expeditions, this misses the point of the large, ongoing military operation that was in fact global. Continuing Military Operations 1945-91.”

Although they plan to make the Certificate available for the next ten years, counting from what year? Somewhere I read it could take at least a year to receive the Certificate and other Medals, Badges and Ribbons you apply for from the VA (Veteran Administration) You should apply as soon as possible.

The Congress had approved the medal and Ribbon for the Cold War without mandating it, so Secretary Of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld ruled, the Cold War medal and ribbon can not be worn on the uniform by regular military personnel. In some States, the Governor authorized the medal, so you can see it on some military people. I believe its safe to say, that all veteran groups support the effort to encourage the congress to approve the Cold War Medal. Since I spent some cold nights with a Rifle on my Shoulder, I suddenly support it’s approval. If you feel the urge to write your congressman, by all mean, do so.

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Trip to Warren,OH: Mr Bob Dean

Posted by James Jett on April 25, 2007

Last Sunday was a beautiful day for a trip in an air-conditioned car, that is, until we saw the highway accident that left people died and injured. We arrived in Warren, OH without any difficulties. Mr. Bob Dean was out on the sun deck getting the benefit from the warm sun rays, The Black Cap Chickadees were feeding at the bird feeder and the Cardinal was singing in the trees. We arrived a half hour early, a good thing because Mr. Dean had to run to a quick meeting for a talk with some of his supporters, so he made us comfortable with something cool to drink and went to the meeting.

After getting a good seat on the sun deck with a refreshing drink in my hand I wondered what I would learn that could reassure me that good people that I can do business with live in every state in these united states. I remembered that this conversation started between Charles and me when I told him I was working on a plan to start or buy a business to leave for my Grandchildren and he said he was building his business to leave to his Son.

After a total of thirty hours talks, we decided to look at contracts and see if we are ready for a join venture, or set up a separate company to pursue the business opportunities we discussed. All of us agree that at the right time in the plan a management-type company must be in place to make sure the trains run on time and everybody gets paid as per the agreements. The legal part will be reviewed by a lawyer: things like, how you get out of the contract if someone drops the ball or just totally refuse to perform as promised. My personnel attitude is unless we maintain concern for the end user our first customer will be the one, or the few before the last. And I always remember: “A small American business is the only American business”

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Business Meetings, Selecting and Operations

Posted by James Jett on April 19, 2007

First phone calls, than meetings to plan for a business environment that is safe for customers. It started Saturday where we discussed building and operating in large cities. We looked at a few minutes of firm watching “Blood on The Carpet,” next. We made video to show that this media fits into to days business operations. We discussed the political impact on the trades, housing site, entertainment and recreation. Something I must admit came as a surprise to me and that is group opposition, they oppose the site, or the size, or just want the project totally rejected.

With all the changing neighborhoods, changing lifestyles, add to all this corrupt Politicians and Shady contractors; you know to plan well and have your wits about and be alert in all your contracting and subcontracts. Saturday I spoke by phone to one of Charles’s associates, in charge of the Native American Gaming Site that his company is developing in another state. This assures me that they are capable of working in most states. In the conversation Russel said that when they build a gaming center, they will  have the ability to train the members in the Tribe in skills other than those required to work for the gaming center. This prevents them from becoming dependent on the gaming Center!

Charles, back from his trip to China arranged a meeting with Bob Dean, LONE RANGER he is the Reporter that compiled some of the information that landed some Contractors in jail. Charles and I spoke with Bob on the phone about the vast number of problems, in Cleveland, with the Construction trades. Now we can avoid the bad guys and work with the good contractors. This is a good result because we avoid getting in the middle of a building project and have the contractor hauled off to jailed and locked up because Reporter Bob Dean’s good reports finally reach the hand of someone who believe in the laws and follow them. Bob Dean. Charles and I will meet at Bob’s house this Sunday evening. Yes we will talk about problems in the Building Trades: Charles will have the other part of the agenda. These face to face meeting started Saturday, then Sunday and Monday and continued by phone until today.

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